Artscapades! Recent Round Up #5

Hello. Here’s some art I did in August.

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Artscapades! Recent Round-Up #2

Life got you down? Worried about Brexit? Take a break from thinking about existential dread to look at my artwork. This month’s theme is existential dread! Oh wait…

Here’s the best of June.

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Artscapades: Recent Round-up

Greetings friends. I come bearing news: I done caught the art-bug.

Here’s a few of my recent thangs. If you would like to see more things, you can go to my deviantArt page (which I almost never use) and my tumbleeer (which I made 2 days ago). Spoiled for choice!

If you would like me to draw something for you, send me an email/comment/smoke signal and I will get back to you with deets. Peace!