Artscapades: Recent Round-up

Greetings friends. I come bearing news: I done caught the art-bug.

Here’s a few of my recent thangs. If you would like to see more things, you can go to my deviantArt page (which I almost never use) and my tumbleeer (which I made 2 days ago). Spoiled for choice!

If you would like me to draw something for you, send me an email/comment/smoke signal and I will get back to you with deets. Peace!


This is a blog.

Hi. I’m Josh Robbins and you’ve found my blog. I’m an aspiring everything (ie. waster) who believes that being almost good at several things is probably going to be more fun than being very good at one thing. As such I’ll be posting about a meaty plethora of things including (but not limited to) film, video games, art, theatre, poetry, writing, literature, comics, music, painting, technology, science, comedy and whatever else pops in to my head.

Apparently in this frantic world of cyber-this and techno-that it’s important for us creative types to have a central hub for all of this madness to converge. I’ll also be using this blog as a platform for self-promotion by informing the lovely readers of my successes elsewhere on the Web and in real life (which also serves to satisfy my enormous ego).

So there you have it. Blog post number one, hopefully to be proceeded by a whole bunch of other entertaining snippets into the life and musings of the man of which this blog is named after (you should bookmark this site so you don’t forget it!) More cunning, funny and interesting things to come. You can count on it.