Artscapades! Recent Round Up #5

Hello. Here’s some art I did in August.

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Artscapades! Recent Round-Up #2

Life got you down? Worried about Brexit? Take a break from thinking about existential dread to look at my artwork. This month’s theme is existential dread! Oh wait…

Here’s the best of June.

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Artscapades: Recent Round-up

Greetings friends. I come bearing news: I done caught the art-bug.

Here’s a few of my recent thangs. If you would like to see more things, you can go to my deviantArt page (which I almost never use) and my tumbleeer (which I made 2 days ago). Spoiled for choice!

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I try a new thing: Drawing On Computers!

I recently bought a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet. It’s pretty cool. I also got my hands on Adobe Photoshop so I’ve been playing around with that for the last few weeks. Basically Wacom make these neato tablets (my one’s about A4 size) that you can draw on with these special pens that are powered by witchcraft or something. (Seriously, it’s amazing, it powers the pen with the electricity in your hand!) This post is more or less a first impressions review of the process of digital drawing.

The first thing I thought when I started into Photoshop was “hey, where’s the make-my-drawing-good-button?” Unfortunately, no such button exists. Or at least, if it does, it’s hidden like some sort of holy grail amongst the countless doodads and thingamobobs that litter the Photoshop interface. No, much to my surprise, drawing on computers will not make your drawings better. They will however make make your drawings easier.

See how I did the rain? Thank you, YouTube tutorial.
See how I did the rain? Thank you, YouTube tutorial.
One of my first attempts.
One of my first attempts.

I was really amazed at how much my first few attempts ended up looking like real sketches. It’s a bit disorientating at first to have to stare at a screen while you draw on a magic tablet and see your brush strokes come up in real time on the screen, but it takes a surprisingly short amount of time to get used to. And Photoshop really does make some things exponentially easier. Being able to resize and change parts of your picture without having to ruin it with rubber marks or correction fluid, or worse, just starting again, is a godsend. Also, being able to work in layers so that you can literally be colouring in under your contour lines is amazing. It’s crazy how old habits die hard, I did like 5 or 6 pictures before I realized I didn’t always have to work from light colours to dark colours, breaking the rules of painting has never been so rewarding.

Not bad, given I decided to draw from memory for some reason. I decided using Google images for a Pikachu drawing was cheating. Fans of the series will know that this is in fact, Sparky (remember? The first time Ash went to the Pokemon League? He came like 16th or something. Good times.)

So yeah, it’s fun, easy, tidy, and you can copy and adjust as many prints as you want. A solid investment overall, and it certainly does nothing to knock artistic integrity. It definitely takes a lot of skill, and I will say that Photoshop is tough to get used to, unless I’m just thick. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it’s capable of, and I’m constantly accidentally stumbling onto useful things (what? There’s a tool that will draw straight lines for me!?)

I sure do draw a lot of well muscled men...
I sure do draw a lot of well muscled men…

Of course the next step is to find a practical purpose for it. I think making hand drawn (cyber-hands, of course) backgrounds and sprites for my future video game development endeavours could be pretty cool. Combine that with some slap dash tunes I could throw together in Fruity Loops and I may have actually found the one future career path that rewards haphazardly slapping together a bunch of half-learned skills. Progress!

I think this one's pretty good, minus the gimpy hand.
I think this one’s pretty good, minus the gimpy hand.